Become A Frond-End Developer

Learn the core technologies and frameworks to build Front-end applications.

About this Track

Enable participants to develop elegant and responsive Front-end websites by leveraging latest technologies. By the end of the program, participants will be able to develop dynamic and responsive (web & mobile friendly) websites.


  • Modules: 5
  • Hours: 36
  • Beginner
  • ₦50,000


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  • Certification
  • Accelerated Program
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Getting certified shows employers that you have a clear understanding of the core concepts of front-end development. You can also add the qualification to your CV, and easily upload it to your LinkedIn profile.

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How it Works

Complete all Modules

Whether you are new to front-end development or a developer looking to enhance your knowledge, all our modules will take you through each channel to give you the necessary skills.

Attend all Classes

Attend all classes that span either an accelerated period of 3 weeks or a normal track of 6 weeks. Any of the classes will give you a superior knowledge of Front-End Deveopment

Take the Final Exams

Pass the final 40-question exam and get certified.



This course provides you hands-on experience and exposure to HTML5 used for developing static web pages and Web applications for browsers. This course builds strong foundation on HTML5 which will help developer to use HTML5 concepts for building responsive web application.

  •  Introduction to HTML
  •  HTML Basics
  •  HTML Elements
  •  HTML5 Semantic
  •  HTML Attributes
  •  HTML Headings
  •  HTML Paragraph
  •  HTML Styles
  •  HTML Formatting
  •  HTML Quotations
  •  HTML Computer Code
  •  HTML Comments & Colours
  •  HTML CSS, Links and Images
  •  HTML Lists
  •  HTML Blocks  HTML Classes
  • HTML Layout
  •  HTML Responsive
  •  HTML iframes
  •  HTML JavaScript
  •  HTML Head
  •  HTML Entities and URI Code 
  • HTML Symbols and XHTML
  • HTML Charset and Forms


This course provides you hands-on experience and exposure to Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). This course builds strong foundation on CSS3 which will help you to use CSS3 concepts for building and colourful and responsive web application.

  • Introduction to CSS3
  •  CSS3 Syntax
  • CSS3 Colours 
  • CSS3 Backgrounds  
  • CSS3 Boarders
  • CSS Padding
  • CSS Height/Width  CSS3 Gradients
  •  CSS3 Shadows
  •  CSS3 Text
  •  CSS3 Fonts  CSS3 2D Transforms
  •  CSS3 3D Transforms
  •  CSS Links
  •  CSS Lists
  •  CSS Tables
  •  CSS Box Model
  •  CSS Outline
  •  CSS Display
  • CSS Max-width
  • CSS Position
  • CSS Float 
  • CSS Inline-block 
  •  CSS Align 
  •  CSS Combinators 
  •  CSS Pseudo-class 
  •  CSS Pseudo-element 
  •  CSS Navigation Bar 
  •  CSS Dropdowns 
  •  CSS Tooltips  
  • CSS3 Images 
  •  CSS Attr Selectors  
  • CSS Forms 
  •  CSS Counters 
  •  CSS3 Animations  
  • CSS3 Buttons 
  • CSS3 Pagination 
  •  CSS3 Multiple Columns 
  •  CSS3 User Interface 
  •  CSS3 Box Sizing 
  •  CSS3 Filters 
  •  CSS3 Media Queries 
  •  CSS3 Responsive


This course provides you hands-on experience and exposure to JavaScript, a programming language used for building web applications. This course builds strong foundation of JavaScript which will help you to apply JavaScript concepts for responsive web frontend and backend development. 

  • Introduction to JavaScript 
  •  Java Script Language Basics 
  •  JavaScript Objects 
  •  JavaScript Scope 
  •  JavaScript Events 
  •  JavaScript Strings 
  •  JavaScript Numbers 
  •  JavaScript Math 
  •  JavaScript Arrays 
  •  JavaScript Boolean 
  •  JavaScript Comparisons 
  •  JavaScript Conditions 
  •  JavaScript Switch 
  •  JavaScript Loops 
  •  JavaScript Type Conversion 
  •  JavaScript RegExp 
  •  JavaScript Errors 
  •  JavaScript Debugging 
  •  JavaScript Hoisting
  •  JavaScript Strict Mode 
  •  JavaScript Functions
  •  JavaScript Objects
  •   JavaScript Forms 
  • JavaScript HTML DOM
  •   JavaScript BOM


This course provides you hands-on experience and exposure to jQuery, a javascript library used to develop web application. It builds strong foundation of jQuery which will help you to apply concepts for responsive web frontend development.

  •  Introduction to jQuery 
  •  jQuery Syntax
  •   jQuery Selectors 
  •  jQuery Events
  •   jQuery Effects 
  •  jQuery HTML 
  •  jQuery Traversing
  •   jQuery AJAX
  •   jQuery Misc.



This course is introduces you to Bootstrap, a Frontend framework used to develop responsive web applications with ease. it is for people  who want to build competency in the Bootstrap Based web development.

  •  Introduction to Bootstrap 
  •  Bootstrap Basics
  •   Bootstrap Grids 
  •  Bootstrap Themes 
  •  Bootstrap CSS 
  • Bootstrap JS

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