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Brush up your digital skills to grow your business, your career, or just your confidence. The ever busy experts at Fresible at ready to help you succeed. Anyone can benefit, regardless of their skill level, goals or background.

After years of doing the things we love, we feel its time to share all the knowledge with acquired overtime. We want everyone to have the digital skills they need to benefit from the technology revolution and share in that growth — including you. We want to make the world a better place.

There’s no limit to how much you can grow! After learning from the everyday experts who’ve been in your shoes, you’ll build the skills to promote yourself and your business online. You’ll learn how to get noticed by the right people, and how to make the most of the web to achieve your goals. You will learn a skill that can set you apart from your colleagues.

At the end of your training program, you will be entitled to a Fresible Learn Certificate (FLC) and also a Fresible Fellow title. FLC also has a digital certification that you’ll receive when you successfully complete any of the tracks in Fresible Learn. It’s a prize that you can brag about to your family and friends (and boss!) 

To be qualified to receive a Fresible Learn  Certificate, you must have fulfilled the following

  1. Achieved an 80% score in the final qualifying test.
  2. Attended 90% of trainings and classes
  3. Attempted all homework’s and assignments
  4. Attempted all tests and examinations
  5. Paid in full the tuition for the program.
  6. Submitted a final practical project

You will collect your certificate when you complete all of the lessons in a track and passed the final assessment for that track. Your certificate is due 5 clear working days after the completion of your track.

Unfortunately No

Please visit the tutors page to learn more about our experts

Yes. Please contact us

Depending on your performance after the track, you are entitled to apply for internship at Fresible. Kindly visit our career page for enquires

No we can’t. But we can point you in the right direction towards securing your next job.